Velux skylights

Velux skylights
Looking to optimize the brightness of your home? Choose a skylight. It’s a low-cost, cost-effective solution. Are you interested? We tell you all about it in this article.

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What is a skylight?

This device is also known as a light pipe. This is an effective solution for lighting rooms without windows. This device can be installed in different areas of the house:

  • Windowless bathrooms
  • Dark corridors
  • Dull storage spaces.

It carries natural light from outside to inside. This provides a source of daylight in areas without natural light. These shafts are particularly useful when attic space is not available. It’s an economical solution for lighting dark spaces. They also add an aesthetic touch to interior architecture. They provide a source of natural light. They reduce dependence on artificial lighting.

Light pipes are available in two configurations: rigid with a straight tube, or flexible. The flexible tube can be curved or angled. This intelligent solution bypasses obstacles on your roof. The light can then easily illuminate dark rooms in your home. Note that flexible tubes require a shorter distance (between the roof and the room). However, they still guarantee efficient light transmission.

How does it work?

A skylight captures natural light from the sky. It directs it from your attic into the dark rooms and corridors of your home. It is designed for installation in attics or in areas where the installation of a traditional roof window is not possible.

This device consists of a discreet frame mounted on the outside of your roof. This frame is designed to reflect sunlight efficiently. He directs it through a duct into the room. Natural light is diffused by a diffuser.

The conduit is designed to ensure optimum daylight reflection. Up to 98% of incoming sunlight is reflected back into your living space. This maximizes the lighting efficiency of the device. VELUX skylights transform even the darkest areas of your home. These spaces are well-lit and welcoming. Installation is simple and inexpensive. You can illuminate any area of your home without too much difficulty or expense.

Velux skylights

Conclusion: A solution for every type of roof

VELUX skylights adapt perfectly to all types of roofs. Inclined or flat, they can accommodate these devices.

Don’t worry about obstacles. Whether it’s beams or air-conditioning units that can impede the flow of light into the interior.

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