Tinsmiths are indispensable professionals when it comes to roofing work. Tinsmithing encompasses the manufacture and installation of all metal components on your roof.

The importance of a tinsmith

A tinsmith has specific skills acquired through training in roof tinsmithing. He can select the best metal components for your roof. Whether it’s gutters, chimney trims, chimney caps or metal roofing, your tinsmith will be able to design custom parts to suit your roof’s specific requirements.

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It’s essential that every part of your roof is properly designed and installed, especially the metal parts. Poor installation often leads to water infiltration or insulation problems. A professional tinsmith is the only one who can avoid this kind of setback thanks to his know-how.

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At Toitures LV, we provide you with highly qualified professional tinsmiths. Equipped with the necessary skills and experience, they can carry out all tinsmithing work on the roof of any residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building.

Our specialists work on all types of roofs, from flat to sloped and shingle. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate for your projects.

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