Slate roof

Slate roof

Slate has been used in roofing for centuries for its many advantages. Discover its main strengths and weaknesses, and how to maintain your slate roof.

Advantages and disadvantages of slate roofing

Slate is a material renowned for its strength and longevity. A slate roof can last up to a century before needing to be replaced. It’s heat-, cold- and rain-proof.

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This material also adds aesthetic appeal to your home. It comes in a range of colors that won’t fade over the years. It is suitable for any roof shape, from the simplest to the most complex.

For those who are demanding when it comes to the ecological aspect of materials, slate is the perfect choice. In fact, it’s all-natural. What’s more, it provides excellent thermal insulation for your home, saving you heating and cooling energy.

However, slate does have a few drawbacks to consider. It’s a heavy material that requires a solid framework. It is also more expensive, and requires the expertise of experienced professionals.

How do you maintain your slate roof?

As slate is a highly resistant material, it requires little maintenance. The foam that forms on its surface has no effect on its strength. However, you can ask a professional to remove it during periodic inspections.

At Toitures LV, we offer installation, repair and maintenance services for your slate roof. We have roofers in Laval and on the South Shore ready to work on your residential, commercial, industrial or institutional building.

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