Roofers in Montreal

Roofers in Montreal

Looking for roofing professionals in Montreal and surrounding areas? At Toitures LV, we offer comprehensive services for all your roofing needs.

Why hire professionals for roofing work?

Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts wonder whether it might be more economical to carry out roofing work themselves. We strongly advise against this initiative, as it involves working at height with a high risk of accident.

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What’s more, installation has a major influence on the efficiency and longevity of a roof. If installed indiscriminately, it may not serve its purpose for long. Here are the reasons why you should always call in a professional for any roofing job.

  • The right equipment

A professional roofer has all the equipment needed to complete the job. From safety equipment to tools for installation, inspection and more, a good specialist will be well protected and fully functional.

  • Essential know-how and experience

A roofer will have undergone specific studies to acquire special skills in the field of roofing. With practice, he will also have acquired the experience to carry out all types of work. He will also have been trained to work at height. These elements are indispensable when it comes to carrying out a perilous task dozens of meters above the ground.

  • Sound advice

A professional roofer will guide you through all your roofing installation, maintenance and regular inspection projects. He’ll advise you on how to get the most out of your roof, help you choose the right coating and advise you on how to maintain your roof.

  • Standard-compliant work

Last but not least, a professional roofer guarantees that the work will be carried out in accordance with current standards. For example, the installation of a green roof is quite complex and special. He’ll be able to carry out the project with meticulous attention to detail, to avoid water infiltration or weakening of the roof structure.

Toitures LV, your service provider in Montreal

You live in Montreal and the surrounding area and are looking for a reliable roofer? At Toitures LV, we offer comprehensive services to suit all budgets. We carry out new installations, renovations and repairs to your roof.

Roofers in Montreal

If you need our services urgently, we are ready to send a team to your site as quickly as possible. What’s more, we can be reached at any time of day, any day of the week.

We work on all types of building, from residential to commercial, industrial and institutional. We can also handle any type of roof, whether flat, pitched, asphalt shingled, metal or vegetated.

Finally, we offer other services such as regular inspections and snow removal for your roof. We have roofers in Laval, on the South Shore and in Montreal, ready to meet your needs.

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