Roofers in Longueuil

Roofers in Longueuil

Roofing is one of the most delicate jobs on a house. If done carelessly, they can damage the structure of your home, causing huge repairs. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for the right professionals to carry out your roofing tasks. If you live in Longueuil and the surrounding area, we have an agency with roofers ready to deploy at any time.

What services do we offer in Longueuil?

We offer a wide range of services to residents of Longueuil and the surrounding area.

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  • New roof installation

You’re in the middle of building or extending your home in the Longueuil area, and you’re wondering which professionals to call to install your roof. At Toitures LV, we take charge of all new installations, carefully studying each project to minimize costs.

  • Roof renovation

Your old roof has had its day and it’s time to replace it. We’re the service provider you need to completely renovate your roof. We inspect the condition of the old framework to see if it will support a new roof installation. If you also wish to change your cladding, we can make all the necessary modifications.

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair

A roof needs regular inspection and maintenance to ensure optimum efficiency and longevity. At Toitures LV, we’re ready to thoroughly inspect every key area of your roof and perform any necessary maintenance. Maintenance also includes roof snow removal. Are you starting to see wear and tear on certain parts of your roof? We also take care of repairs.

  • Emergency repair and damage assessment

If your roof has suffered major damage from a hurricane or heavy snowfall, our team is ready to deploy to the site on an emergency basis to quickly repair the damage. As soon as you call, we’ll send a team to your home.

What types of buildings do we work on?

At Toitures LV, we make no exception for any type of building: whether residential, commercial, institutional or industrial, we’re ready to help you with any job. We can work on your flat roof, pitched roof, asphalt shingle roof, metal or slate roof and even your green roof.

Roofers in Longueuil

Why do our customers trust us?

Our customers have put their trust in us, and continue to do so, for many reasons:

  • Expertise and professionalism

We have a full range of sophisticated equipment for every roofing task. Our team is both experienced and highly skilled. She will carry out every task to the highest standards, so that you are always satisfied.

  • Speed and accessibility

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As soon as you call, we’ll send our roofers in Laval, our roofers on the South Shore and our roofers in Longueuil to your home if you’re in one of these locations.

  • Services to suit all budgets

Finally, we offer services to suit all budgets. Since there are no small and large jobs, we listen to each and every one of our customers and support them in their project while taking their budget into account.

Roofers in Longueuil

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