Roof and attic insulation

Roof and attic insulation
Quebec’s climate is particularly harsh. Temperatures can drop to -15°C in winter. It can reach 30°C in summer. Roof insulation is therefore important in this region. It maintains a comfortable indoor temperature in all seasons.

This limits the use of heating and air conditioning. The result is a considerable reduction in energy consumption costs over the long term. At Toitures LV, we now offer roof and attic insulation services. Let’s take stock.

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Roof insulation

    Insulation from the inside is the least expensive option. It’s also the most widespread. This is the best solution if the frame is still in good condition. The insulating layers are then installed below the rafters. The result is generally satisfactory and long-lasting. What’s more, you benefit from excellent soundproofing. On the other hand, this option reduces ceiling space. The following minimum ceiling heights are permitted:

    • 270 cm for living areas
    • 210 cm for bathrooms and kitchens
    • Exterior insulation

    External insulation consists of enveloping the roof with insulating layers. We also talk about the “Sarking technique”. The greatest advantage of this operation is that it does not affect interior comfort. Both during the work and in relation to the height of the sub-ceiling. It’s also the safest option if the frame is in poor condition. On the other hand, it is often quite expensive. What’s more, it’s not suitable for all types of building.

    Attic insulation

    The attic is the space between the roof and the ceiling. In Quebec, the temperature at this location can vary from -35 to +60°C over the course of a year. It must therefore be insulated so that these conditions affect the interior of the building as little as possible. The insulation used will depend on the type of attic. The same applies to the cost of work and materials.

    Why entrust roof and attic insulation to a professional?

    There’s a wide selection of materials for roof and attic insulation. But you need to make the right choice for optimum insulation. A professional will help you find the best option. To do this, it takes several factors into account:

    • Roof type
    • General condition of the roof
    • Your needs
    • Your budget

    He also has the necessary skills to carry out the work in compliance with standards. This guarantees the efficiency and durability of the system.

    Roof and attic insulation

    Conclusion: comfortable interiors in all seasons

    Would you like to enjoy a pleasant room temperature in your home all year round? By using heating and air-conditioning systems as little as possible? Let us insulate your roof or attic!

    We have the skills to deliver a job that meets your expectations. As a reminder, we are licensed as a general construction contractor. Contact us for more information.

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