Commercial roof replacement

Commercial roof replacement

Choose us for commercial roof replacement in Laval, on the North Shore, on the South Shore or on the Island of Montreal. At Toitures LV, we can work on different types of roofs and coverings, including flat roofs, slate roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, green roofs and elastomer membranes.


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Why replace a commercial roof?

The roof is a key component of a building, as it protects the interior from the elements, such as rain and snow, as well as from animals. Its presence is also essential to ensure thermal insulation within the building, and thus to maintain a more or less comfortable temperature throughout the year. It is essential that it is in good condition to perform all these functions, which is why replacement is necessary in the following cases:

The roof has aged

Under the best conditions, and if properly maintained, a roof can last up to 30 years. After this time, it begins to weaken, even if there are no visual signs.

We recommend that you seriously consider replacing the roof of a commercial building as it begins to age, to avoid facing serious problems such as water infiltration or even collapse later on. Repairing the damage caused by these problems can be very costly.

The roof is starting to show signs of ageing

Quebec’s particularly capricious climate generally leads to premature aging of the roof. So it’s important to have it professionally inspected at least once or twice a year to detect any damage or signs of ageing. He will then guide you towards the most appropriate solution, including replacement if necessary.

You notice anomalies and reduced comfort within the building

Finally, it might be time to think about replacing the roof of a building if you notice the following anomalies:

  • The roof begins to sag;
  • Mould and fungus appear on the shingles;
  • The roof is leaking and water infiltration problems are becoming noticeable;
  • The roof lets in outside light;
  • You feel the cold or heat more than usual, which is a sign of a lack of insulation;
  • Eaves troughs, shingles and fastening nails have all come loose.

In all cases, it’s essential to call in a professional who will carry out a thorough inspection of the roof before starting any work.

Commercial roof replacement

Why should you trust us for commercial roof replacement?

We are ranked among the best roofers in Laval, and we provide you with qualified, competent and reliable experts. They use high-quality, sophisticated equipment to deliver a job that lives up to your expectations.

We also offer a preventive maintenance and after-sales service to ensure the durability of your roof and avoid costly repairs. If you opt for this program, we’ll carry out a periodic inspection of your roof to detect any damage or potential damage, and suggest solutions before the situation gets any worse.

An emergency service is also available!


In the event of a roofing emergency, you can contact us directly by phone at 438-700-8556, any time of day or night, all week and all year round. We quickly dispatch experts to the site.

The areas we serve

We’re at your service if you’re looking for a roofer on the North Shore, South Shore, Laval or the Island of Montreal. However, we can also intervene anywhere else, on request.

Commercial roof replacement

For more detailed information, please call us at 438-700-8556 or visit our Laval office at 1050 Pl. Verner, Laval, QC H7E 4P2, Canada. Please note that we are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


We are your trusted partner for all your roofing needs. At Toitures LV, we take care of everything, whether it’s replacing, installing, repairing or adding to your roof.

You can also call on us for all types of building: commercial, residential, multi-unit, industrial and institutional. We even take care of roof snow removal. You can fill in the contact form on our website to get a quote as soon as possible.

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