Asset management

Asset management

The roof is exposed to all kinds of aggression. These include bad weather, animals and dirt. These factors cause varying degrees of damage over time. These include water leaks and mold growth. The situation is likely to worsen without rapid intervention. Repairs will then be more costly. That’s why it’s essential to react without delay.

Unfortunately, these problems are not always visible as soon as they appear. What to do in this case? The best solution is to monitor the condition of your real estate assets on an ongoing basis. At Toitures LV, we offer just such an efficient and innovative asset management tool. We give you the details.

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A tool for efficient roof management on your buildings

Having trouble keeping track of the condition of your building’s roofs? Our management tool should be of interest to you. Here are the available options:

  • Estimate the condition of roofs according to age and location
  • Determine when to carry out maintenance work
  • Define intervention costs

    Our asset management tool features

    Our asset management tool offers several features to make your life easier:

    • Centralized information on all your building roofs
    • Simple mapping of your roof’s condition
    • Identifying faults on all your roofs
    • Precise costs of inspected repairs or refurbishments
    • Prioritizing repairs and refurbishments according to the urgency of the problem
    • A history of roofing work carried out on all your buildings

    What’s it for?

    This asset management tool enables you to prevent serious roof damage in the first place. In this way, you can avoid high repair costs. It also makes it easier to manage your budget. We’ll help you prioritize repairs and refurbishments. For example, it would be difficult to start work on 4 buildings at the same time. Last but not least, you offer users the opportunity to enjoy peace of mind by reacting in good time. Before the damage affects their living conditions.

    Asset management

    Why choose our asset management tool?

    At Toitures LV, we specialize in the maintenance, repair, installation and repair of roofs. We have an eye for detail. We also use new technologies to offer you the best possible service. Our customers’ satisfaction is proof of our expertise in this field. So you can be sure that our asset management tool really works.

    In conclusion: make your life easier with our tool!

    Has the roof management tool revealed the need for work on the roof of one of your buildings? We can handle it! Just contact us for details of our services.

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