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Looking for a roofer on the North Shore, South Shore, in Montreal or Laval? At Toitures LV, we can take care of all your roofing installation, maintenance and repair needs with complete peace of mind. We can work on many types of building, including residential, institutional, commercial/multi-unit and industrial.

At Toitures LV, we hold a general building contractor’s license, enabling us to handle all types of roofing-related work, including plumbing, repairs, installation, insulation, carpentry and ventilation. It also testifies to our know-how and expertise in the field.

Repair and emergency service

What services do we offer?

We offer services that cover virtually all your roofing needs.


Emergency roofing service

Our emergency roofing service is available 24/7, all year round. If you have any questions, please call us directly at 438-700-8556. We’ll send a response team to the site as soon as possible.

Roof repairs

Our experts are equipped with the best tools to intervene quickly, efficiently, safely and without damaging the structure. We guarantee quality, long-lasting results that live up to your expectations and extend the life of your roof.

Roof inspection

Our experts can also carry out a seasonal inspection of your roof to identify any anomalies, damage or signs of ageing that could lead to more or less serious problems such as water infiltration later on. They will then suggest the most appropriate solutions based on the results of their assessment.

Slope and condensation correction

Problems with water accumulation on your roof can hinder its proper functioning and lead to much bigger problems in the future. To remedy this, we offer you effective solutions such as correction by installing custom-made slope insulation or by raising the deck.


Adding elements to the roof

You can call on us if you’re planning to add features such as sign anchors, skylights, access hatches, chimneys, parapets, vents, drainage systems, window washing systems or other mechanical equipment to your existing roof.

Skylight and vault installation/repair

Our experts can also install and repair skylights, continuous vaults and acrylic domes.

Low-slope roof

With Quebec’s changing climate, opting for a low-slope roof is a crucial advantage. Its resistance to weathering and meteorological variations extends its lifespan, reducing the risk of premature ageing. This option gives you optimum protection against the vagaries of the weather, while minimizing long-term maintenance costs.


Elastomer membrane installation

The elastomeric membrane is a particularly durable covering material, and thanks to its two-layer system, is resistant to wide temperature variations and the elements. This type of cladding is generally recommended for flat or slightly sloping roofs.


Shingle roof

Choosing an asphalt shingle roof offers several key advantages. Firstly, its ease of installation makes it an attractive option for those who prefer pitched roofs. What’s more, its relatively low cost compared with other materials makes it an economically sound choice.

Roof snow removal

If too much snow accumulates on your roof, it can damage it and lead to problems such as water infiltration, cracks and subsidence. On the other hand, it can cause an ice dam to form if the temperature changes. Our Our 25-strong team has the equipment and knowledge to clear snow and ice from your roof safely and without damaging the structure .

More unique, more durable roofs

Toitures LV combines innovation and expertise to offer the best roofing solutions. With our skilled team and quality-focused approach, we’re your ideal choice for reliable, long-lasting roofing services.

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Where do we operate?

Headquartered in Laval, we serve the North Shore, South Shore and the Island of Montreal.

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  • 1195 Montée Masson, Laval, H7E 4P2 (by appointment only)
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